Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Of brands, labels and the universe in between


"Those" things that occupy "that" corner of a store,

which tell you things that you have no interest in learning,

which slip by unnoticed even when in plain sight,

have all the traits a label.

But a voice that disrupts, incites, excites or inspires;

which innovates,

and which tips the status quo;

These are the qualities of a brand.

Labels are just inventory.

The other seeks immortality.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'll see you at the Gin Joint

*Intertwines all fingers, stretches hands outward, cracks knuckles in preparation*

I'm back. Granted, after a hiatus that extended over a year. So sue me!

Ok please don't. Moving on. What's caught my fancy lately? What issues have put a bee in my bonnet? What's got my ears perked up and what's got my eye balls in a twitch(in a good way)? Well ironically it's another blog. Actually I don't know why that's ironic.


If you have chanced on it before, (or if you're the type to jump the gun and click on a link as soon as you see one) you'll gather, without the aid of any great deductive prowess,that I'm personally acquainted with the writer. So, is this a trick to get him more more views and increase his blog traffic? A hand in glove operation? A run-of-the-mill advertising con job? Hardly. The blog is a films review blog. Like the millions that already plague the internet. Things you should probably know about me at this point: I'm not generous with compliments. The writer has given me every reason to call him a loser. I'm not generous with compliments.

This being said, the said blog is awesome. He knows what he's talking about and is well aware of the distinction between movies and films. The films he critiques are the kind people really want to know about. It's systematic and organised, complete with a rating system that'll put a smile on the lips of every alcohol drinker in Bangalore. It's creative, and the cherry on top is the writing. In my opinion, it's some bloody good writing. It's sarcastic, emotional, blunt, humourous and then some. To anybody with a eye for craft of the written word, you're in for a treat. Film buffs, funnily enough there might be something in here for you too. So there you have it. It is my unprofessional opinion that this bugger ain't half bad at this review thing. Chances are it might come across as something completely ordinary for you'll out there. I guess it appeals to me because, like i said before, I know the guy. With that authority i'll tell you that it's easy to underestimate him. And i'm quite proud of myself for not doing so. So give it a read folks, and you be the critic.