Thursday, May 13, 2010

Carpe Dium

I have often felt that the most acclaimed pieces of literature on ‘Love’ have been written by people who know little or nothing at all of the damn thing. Their lack of experience thereof leads, I feel, to a sense of imagined grandeur, which is so well expressed in those verbose verses. That being said, I believe I would be the perfect person to address the issue about seizing the day. I have not ‘Carpe Diumed’. In fact I can’t remember the last time I did. Can you?

I wonder if anyone, anyone at all has achieved their true potential. I doubt it. My yesterday was spent trying to flesh out incomplete thought and impulsive ideas in an attempt to quest that redemption I wrote of earlier. It was in vain. My feeble stabs however, inadvertently sparked off a cool guerilla thought in a colleague. I feigned happiness. Turned out to be a case of his potential, my passion.

My aspirations are huge. I keep imagining myself winning a scholarship to Miami, going on to head one of the best creative shops, leading that agency to being THE best, standing jury in the best advertising festivals there are and becoming immortal in the global face of the industry. But I can’t help but feel a disconnect between them and my level of competence. The line ‘You’ve still got a long way to go kiddo’ has been burnt into my brain.

I know what I have to do. Carpe Dium. It’s the only way. But to gather the will, the knowledge and technique is a feat in itself. I ask myself- are you really creative? Or are you just making yourself out to be something you want to be but are not? I can’t give a straight answer. But deep down, I feel I’m a tad more creative than the rest.


  1. I love this post. I relate lots bits to it. You write so well! I love reading!
    Update soon :) <3 :)

  2. When I was interning at Mudra (an ad agency), I felt the same way...I soon realised, that the fear of not being creative the first and the best step to losing out on all the creative energies that flow within us all the time. You might have introspected...and found that the best works are those where you didn't really fiddle too much with your brain...the just..well let us say, flowed out...