Monday, May 24, 2010

Into the Wild

There are movies that entertain you and there are movies that move you at your core. No prizes for guessing under which category this flick falls under. I won’t remember this one for the acting. But it’s the one that rekindled in me, the awe and respect I once had for the “Voice over”. The unseen eloquence of the narrative, shared by a brother and sister to speak of the protagonist’s (the brother) foray into the wild was incredibly powerful. The photography left me speechless and all in all, a perfect example of a kinda-interesting story told in a fabulously interesting way.

Being a writer and insisting that mere words cannot describe the brilliance of this film, I suppose, reflects poorly on my command of the craft. But on the other hand, I believe it is also the litmus test to identify the truly awesome.

Many might vehemently disagree with my views of the movie. But that’s just it. It speaks only to a certain kind of people. Have you ever, at the end of a feature, got up wondering what the hell you were doing, sitting there wasting your life when there is such an awesome world out there waiting to be explored. I did. It got me asking myself some really big questions. Do I know where I am heading? Am I happy doing, what I’m doing? What do I want to be remembered for? And all this was at 3.38 AM. 'Nuff said.


  1. I know what u mean. Very few movies make you think. Very very few make you introspect. Ones that do are my personal favourites.
    LIKE! :)

  2. watch jeremiah johnson if you liked into the wild.

  3. Well...the movie had a big impact on me. Lol.