Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I chose to start today, not because I feel that “Today is the first day of my life” but because I have recently been informed (in rather crude terms might I add) that my writing needs a bit of work. Were I not a copywriter, I would have brushed off the suggestion as non chalantly as I would a jab at my cooking skills. To make matters worse, these observations were made by the man atop the hierarchy of my organization.

The incident went down like this. A veteran of his craft, the individual in the above reference (let’s just call him Jay) told me, as a teacher would, his pupil that I should dazzle him with an idea and hence prove that I deserve a more permanent abode aboard his creative ship. Eager to prove myself, I was. A week and half later (last evening) I paced nervously in front of his cabin, playing the presentation in my head. I was proud of my campaign. I surprised myself with some pretty cool thoughts, I felt. When I got the nod, I sat, I started and I presented, with all the enthusiasm of a 3 year old. Silence. Five minutes later I was given a slice of humble pie. And it was a serving that would have fed an African refugee camp for a month. Jay virtually told me, in equivocal terms that my compilation was “utter trash” and that he was surprised that I was even here in whatever capacity.

It’s safe to say that the rendezvous did not exactly go the way I had envisioned. It hurts when an idea you have been working on for a while is flushed down seemingly, along with the contents of a toilet. What stings more is that fact that he is probably right. I sit here today, vowing to find the courage and a good reason to go back into that dreaded cabin. The way things look now, I feel it will take no less that a completely brilliant-beyond-einstein kind of idea to redeem myself in the dude’s eyes. Hopefully first impressions are not what they are made out to be.


  1. The challenge people in creative industry have to face...the constant competition with self...

    The write-up however was amusing to read. I hope you have outgrown the stage you were in...when you wrote this piece..

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  3. Recent events seem to indicate that i have. But then again...